Glamour: So many fairies, so little interest

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Background: Glamour is written by Penelope Fletcher. It is the first book in a series according to the end of the novel. The cover is  picture of a tree on a gray background, which matches the boring theme of this book.

Plot: Rae is a teenage girl living in a dystopian fantasy world where humans and magical beings are at war with one another. The humans decide that the best course for defense is to put everyone in either school, ministry, or the slums. While on a run outside of the human gate, Rae sees two Ministers kill a fairy while trying to pump said fairy for information. She then meets a fairy guy and is immediately bound to him.

Spoilers: Rae then returns to the human realm and is intersected by a vampire guy. After stuffing him in her closet, she goes to class and is generally annoyed by everyone except her one friend and her friend’s boyfriend. Then she discovers that one of her classmates is also a fairy and is at war with fairy guy one. When she releases the vampire from her closet, Rae also gets bound to him forming a love triangle. She also discovers that she also is some sort of fairy and fights for her fairy man. With yet another twist, the fairy she saw in the beginning that she assumed dies actually lived and is her fairy-man’s sister. In the end, fairy guy number 2 is defeated but only after Rae’s friend is killed as a sort of sacrifice. Rae also feels torn between her two men and knows she must decide between them eventually.

Passage: It didn’t take long for my mind to wander. The fairy-boy from that morning was running around the Temple looking for me, waiting for me. I hoped no one else saw him. No human could appear and disappear without a trace so quickly, and it would be clear he was ‘other’; that he was a demon who had managed to get around the Wall without tripping the klaxon. I shouldn’t have been surprised – after all I’d done it too. The thought of him being discovered was making me feel slightly sick. I even threw up in my mouth a little.

Opinion: This book is definitely a paranormal romance as the whole supernatural aspect really just serves as a vehicle for the main character to have to choose between two bland suitors. The fairy dude and the vampire dude’s only purpose in life is apparently to wait for Rae to choose which guy she wants to side with or, I don’t know, marry or bang or something.This ruins the point of having two potential love interests because the reader should have strong feelings as to which guy the protagonist chooses by the end, not feel as though it really doesn’t matter who she ends up with since both have the personality of fat-free, vanilla yogurt.

Everyone seems to have some sort of secret power, which really diminishes the importance of the main character as a savior of the magical races. Her powers also don’t appear to be that special; she is a fairy with all of the powers associated with it, and the rest of her abilities, if she has any more, are not particularly fleshed out. The reasons for the humans to block themselves off make sense but the way they are blocked off does not. It’s like they all decided that a giant wall was enough to defend themselves from magical creatures for the rest of time. I get that there is probably some shady politics at work with this whole post-apocalyptic setup that will be expanded on in the sequels, but the reader should at least have an idea as to why everyone else thought this was a good idea too.

The writing style can be best described as choppy. I understand that the author chose a first person perspective and that no one’s thoughts are one hundred percent coherent all of the time, but the writing is so scattered and vague that at times I was very confused as to what was actually going on. It really distracted me from the plot.

Ratings: Since this novel is a paranormal romance here are the ratings:

Powers: 2/10

Explanation of Powers: 2/10

Hot love interest: 3/10

Romantic development: 4/10

Creativity: 5/10

Plot: 5/10

Overall I give this book a 3/10. Nothing was particularly memorable, and the poor writing really emphasized the blandness of the plot.

Citation: Fletcher, Penelope (2010-10-07). Glamour: Faerie Romance (Rae Wilder) (Kindle Locations 752-755). Poison Princess eBooks. Kindle Edition.


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