Undeniable Rogue: Hide Yo’ Kids, Become a Wife

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Background: This novel is written by Annette Blair, and there is a sequel with one of the minor characters taking center stage. The cover is of a castle with the disembodied heads of what I assume to be the main characters floating in the distance.

Plot: Gideon honors a promise he made to his late friend by marrying Sabrina in what I think is the Regency Period. When the two meet, Sabrina is super pregnant, but they get married anyway because reasons. They eventually start to have feelings and enjoy each other’s company, but an outsider threatens to ruin their potential happiness.

Spoilers: Initially, Sabrina hides her two other children from her previous marriage from Gideon, but because they are living human beings, the two siblings are discovered. Sabrina has her child, and Gideon automatically assumes the father role despite having no experience prior to the birth. Afterward, a creepy man comes along and tries to get money out of Sabrina since her dead beat and just plain dead first husband owed him money. Out of the blue, the friend that Gideon assumed was dead comes back and saves the family from the creepy guy. This friend eventually moves on and gets his own novel.

Passage: Sabrina groaned and accepted his supportive embrace. This new husband of hers was not the doddering old duke on canvas, but a flesh and blood man, young vibrant and alive. A rare one who stirred her senses and became awed by the movement of her unborn child.

Opinion: If you could not tell by now, I really hated this book. I understand that this is a romance novel, but this made me extremely uncomfortable. For one, the marriage between the two is arranged and yet they immediately have intense sexual attraction to one another. This is made even more confusing by the fact that Sabrina is freaking 9 months pregnant, just getting out of an abusive marriage, and still wants to get it on with a complete stranger. Also she tried to hide her two other children from the man she married. THAT’S RIGHT, SHE TRIED TO HIDE THEM EVEN AFTER THEY GOT MARRIED. Now I could almost see this in a novel set in present day when you can get divorced with minimal stigma, but divorce was unheard of back in the early 1800’s, so she had nothing to lose by telling him she had other children. For God’s sake, she was pregnant to begin with, it’s not like he did not anticipate raising children that were not his.
What really killed it for me were the intimate/sex scenes. In the beginning, they mostly just go to second base because Sabrina has a beach ball for a stomach. This was a bit disturbing, but I could see how someone else would see some appeal in this. The first time they actually have sex is after she has her baby, which I saw coming. What I did not see coming was Gideon wanting to drink her breast milk and doing so while getting it on. I dry heaved while reading it.
The writing is mediocre and cannot redeem the awful and unrealistic plot and weird sex.

Ratings: This is a romance novel so here are the ratings for:
Relationship drama: 3/10
Romantic Development: 5/10
Hot love interest: 2/10
Creativity: 6/10 (only for making feel things; bad things, but I digress)
Plot: 1/10
Overall I give Undeniable Rogue a 1.5/10. Adult breast-feeding, need I say more.

Citation: Blair, Annette (2011-12-29). Undeniable Rogue (The Rogues Club, Book One) (Kindle Locations 776-778). ABA LLC. Kindle Edition.


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