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Background: This sad excuse for a novel is written by Wayne Tripp, and is part of a series entitled Legacy of Terror. This book did terrify me but not in its intended use. The cover art has a picture of a lighthouse on a cliff, and is the best part of the whole novel.

Plot: Jamie is a cop on a small, mysterious island who is in a relationship with Lacey, a school teacher. He cheats on her with fellow cop Kat, and the two break up. Strange murders have also been committed, and Jamie and his crew work to get to the bottom of it.

Spoilers: Kat’s dead son visits her as a ghost, but she exorcises him from her apartment. Lacey is sexually abused by the principal of the school, who is the root of all evil for the town. Jamie confesses that he is some sort of were-creature, and when Kat gets pregnant to force Jamie to stay with her, Jamie aborts her baby because it would be some weird creature half-breed thing. Also, Lacey takes him back after she cuts off the principal. All of the missing and murdered townsfolk are being controlled by the principal as zombies, so Jamie and his pals go out to stop the evil people. In the end, Jamie has to make a choice between Lacey and Kat as to who lives and who dies, and he picks Lacey.


He stabbed her deep, a snarling growl roaring from his throat; she cried out, and offered up her wound, begging for more of his rigid blade. He thrust in again, and she began to flow, her hot passion spurting to meet his own. Jamie exploded, flooding her in a warm brew of frustrated want and satisfied need.

Opinions: Did you read the passage? That is the worst extended metaphor for sex I HAVE EVER READ. No one’s vagina should be compared to wound or penis to a blade NO EXCEPTIONS. I got the cold shivers just reading that scene, and the other sex scenes are only marginally better. I have no idea why this Jamie dude is such a hot commodity. For one, he’s a cheater, two he’s a liar, and three he forced his hookup to abort his baby because even though he knew that any children he had would be terrible creatures he still didn’t man up and get a vasectomy or castration or anything. Other than that though, he’s wonderful.

Also I don’t understand why Lacey decided to give in to her boss at the school. She is a college educated woman, but for some reason she did not think she could possibly find a new job somewhere else or contact her teacher’s union about the blatant sexual harassment. Instead she is forced into having a sexual relationship with Principal Sweetling. That’s right the principal’s last name is Sweetling; I can’t make this s*** up. Then she randomly decides to forgive Jamie and has sex with him in public, WHEN SHE KNOWS HE KNOCKED UP THE OTHER CHICK. Also, Kat still wants to be with Jamie after he aborts her baby because that’s a normal reaction to having a wanted pregnancy ended by someone you thought you could trust. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Also there are too many paranormal aspects. There are ghosts, werewolves, zombies, demons, demon hybrids, genetically inherited evil, and enchanted weaponry among other plot points. If this was a later book in the series, I could excuse the amount of magical crap filling the pages because I could assume that they were explained in previous novels. Since this is the first novel, the entire book is spent just trying to see how many mythical creatures the author can toss your way and keep straight which character has what ability. Another annoying fact is that most of the mythos is saved until the last 50 pages, so there is no hope of catching up with what the hell is going on.

The writing style is absolute crap. Awful metaphors and too little coherent thought make this read an arduous task. My eyes were bleeding by the end.

Ratings: This is supposed to be a paranormal romance but I’m not even going to attempt to have different categories as they would all be 0/10 except for creativity which gets a 1/10 for making me feel so uncomfortable in ways I could not imagine. Do not read this book; it’s not worth even the free read.

Tripp, Wayne (2013-10-27). Grim Island (Book 1) (Legacy of Terror Series) (Kindle Locations 1335-1337). . Kindle Edition.


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