The Seventh Immortal: James Joyce has clearer plot lines

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Background: The Seventh Immortal is the first book in a series written by J. M. Parry. The cover has what I assume is the main character wearing a bed sheet around her butt while looking at a metropolitan skyline. In the cover credits, apparently the cover was made from some chick in deviant art, and it sure does look it.

Plot: A woman wakes up in an emergency room and has amnesia. Creepy people talk about her and sedate her without any real explanation. After being set free by a male nurse, she learns her name is Kait and that she jumped off of a rooftop in a suicide attempt.

Spoilers: After leaving the hospital, Kait meets a lawyer who says she left him a package and that he witnessed her fall. After talking with him, she gives the lawyer oral sex. He confesses that he is married and that he needs to go to a church to confess his sin and feel less guilty. Once at the church, he and Kait are confronted by the church’s lead pastor and the creepy guy who sedated her in the beginning, and the lawyer guy is killed. Fleeing from the police who think she is responsible for a lot of stuff, Kait meets the male nurse at a restaurant where the waitress tells Kait that she can tell Kait all that she needs to know. After riding on the waitress’s motorcycle and trying to use it as a vibrator, Kait and the waitress meet the waitress’s boss. The boss tells Kait that she is an immortal with special abilities and that there are seven immortals in the world at all times. All of them have lived multiple life times, and they all fight each other for dominance. Kait then returns to the restaurant where the police, under the control of the creepy immortal, have surrounded it and taken the male nurse hostage. Using a magical attack, she temporarily defeats the other immortals and runs away with the male nurse.


Kait began to explain everything that had happened since they parted ways at the hospital. She left out the more lurid details, and used the mysterious message written in her passport to explain her presence at the church. Paul was enraptured by her story, barely touching his food even as it arrived. Kait, of course, couldn’t dig in because she was too busy talking . By the time she got to the part where she actually shot Mayor Levin, the sweet smell of her stir-fried pork was almost overwhelming.

Opinion: By writing out all of the plot points, I was reminded of the fact that there is way too much going on in this story. For one, having amnesia from a failed suicide attempt feels unnecessary. If amnesia was replaced with simply discovering one’s powers for the first time, the story would have improved. Also the random sexual acts only serve to distract the reader. I mean come on, who the hell tries to get off while riding a motorcycle when their life is in danger?

The immortals in the story were a bit lame. Sure they healed quickly from mortal wounds and had special attack abilities, but all of them almost seemed annoyed at the fact that Kait had amnesia and wanted revenge rather than feel threatened or betrayed. I get that they all have lived for centuries, but a little enthusiasm goes a long way.

The writing is pretty good. This book’s author uses third person limited perspective correctly and does try to show more than tell. Some of the plot points and dialogue were a bit cheesy, but the writing helped me pull through and finish the book.

Ratings: I consider this book a sci-fi/ fantasy novel with mystery elements, although the mystery will probably disappear in the next installment since the identity of the character was revealed. As such the ratings are:

Powers: 4/10

Explanation for Powers: 6/10

Surprises/Plot Twists: 5/10

Problem Solving/Finding Info: 5/10

Creativity: 5/10

Plot: 2/10

Overall I give this book a 4/10. The writing is decent, but the convoluted plot and unnecessary sex scenes make this story really hard to follow.

Citation: Parry, J.M. (2013-05-27). The Seventh Immortal (Hearts of Amaranth) (Kindle Locations 554-558). . Kindle Edition.


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