Forsaken Petal: Nothing’s coming up roses here

This is post number 12. I will actually be doing this review in 2 parts because there’s a whole lot of crap to cover with this book. This is part one of course.

Background: Forsaken Petal is by Joshua Hoyt. It is the first book of a series. The cover art is of the main character and his love interest. I have included the image and will discuss my opinion on it in the opinion section.

Plot: Tom is five years old when his mother sends him away to an orphanage for his own protection. While there, he is picked on by the other orphans and new headmaster. After eight years, Tom has a dream of two men who ask him to choose between the two, and he chooses Archelaus. The next day, Tom is chosen by a couple, Kristiana and John, who take him to a school for young boys, where he is trained in fighting and makes a friend named Cody.

Spoilers: One night, the school is attacked, and Tom, Cody, Kristiana, John and Kristiana’s apprentice Aithnea flee to a house hosted by a man named Karman. During the attack, Tom uses magic for the first time, which is considered impossible as only females like Kristiana or Aithnea have magic. Inside of Karman’s house, Tom, Cody and Aithnea find a secret passage way to an old library that belonged to the order of the rose, an ancient group of men and women who possessed magic and defended the world against evil forces. Tom has a vision of the man he did not choose in his dream who explains this all to him. Meanwhile, Tom and Aithnea feel a strong bond between one another, and Kristiana and John think the two are counterparts, or a couple who amplifies one another’s magic.

After three years spent at Karman’s house, they are attacked again,and Karman is killed. On their way to another safe house, the group meets Caspin, a healer. He joins Tom’s group and everyone continues on to find Archelaus and talk to him. They stop at a cave, and are attacked by a skeleton horde. More is revealed about the order of the rose, and the group all set out again on their quest. Once more, they are all ambushed, and Tanya sets them all free and joins their group.

Then the group decides to continue on and attack the black widow clan, the people who have been attacking them for most of the novel. During the trip, Caspin reveals that he is a werewolf due to unfortunate circumstances, and Tanya reveals that she is a light elf. Tanya leads them all to her homeland, where she is reunited with her sister after 10 years. The light elves agree to fight with the group because Tom has special abilities. A dark elf named Xantar pleads to fight with the light elves because he does not agree with what the dark elves are doing.

The group sets off to the black widow castle and are captured. Tom is almost trapped in an enchanted dream, but Xantar saves him. The group splits up to disarm the different parts of the castle so that Tanya can set off a light bomb. Cody and Tanya have a moment of romantic tension, and Tom has a near death experience. They all go into an elven library, and Tom finds an old man sitting at a desk in a secret room.


He thought about the many times he had become uncertain about his own choices and even now he wondered if he should have answered the note that had come so long ago. What would his life be like if he had not gone out on that dark night? He remembered the headmaster and how he used to seem to be so big and powerful to him. Maybe I should go back and visit him when this is all done? Would he even be able to recognize me? What about Jacob and Peanut? I would definitely like to talk to them again. I want to make them pay for what they did to me.

Citation: Hoyt, Joshua (2014-01-23). Order of The Rose: Forsaken Petal (p. 169). . Kindle Edition.


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