Ghostly Guardian: Excelling at Mediocrity

This is post number 13.

Background: Ghostly Guardian is written by Rachel Humphrey-D’aigle and is the first book of a series. The cover art is actually a bit weird because on my phone and computer it is a picture of the main female character, but on my tablet it has all of the family in silhouette. Neither are particularly attractive.

Plot: The Howard siblings all have magic abilities. Melinda is a witch, Charlie is a werewolf, and Michael is an empath. Both of their parents went missing years ago, and the three are under the care of a vampire named William. Melinda has a prophetic dream that Michael’s girlfriend is going to die, so she and William set out to protect her, while Melinda’s brothers go to a cave to solve the mystery of an attack on a tourist.

Spoilers: Michael and Charlie find a girl in the cave and rescue her. For some reason, Charlie feels immense attraction to her but he tries to dismiss it. The three find a sea hag summoning giant leeches, and they all ward her off. Meanwhile, Melinda and William pay Michael’s girlfriend a visit to warn her about her potential demise. They also talk with the girlfriend’s father, who tells them that the ring she wears protects her from being taken over by spirits. After being overwhelmed by a spirit, Melinda calls on her brothers to help out. The spirit does take over the girlfriend, and it turns out that the ghost is the siblings’ mother. She gives them her final goodbye and mentions that their father has not passed on, so he is probably still alive in some sense. The very end of the book leaves off with the rescued girl in the cave talking to her father and mentioning how she will try to lure in Charlie and his family.


Michael opened his hand where he still held the crystal. It was heavy and didn’t float in the partially salted water. It made a slight turn in his hand and lit up. He motioned for Charlie to follow and they set off. It took Michael about ten minutes to locate the entrance to the cave . He motioned for Charlie to look, but his brother’s attention was drawn to the depths below the cave’s entrance.

Opinion: With witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and other stuff, this book contains way too many supernatural elements in an introductory novel. I must admit, though, that the author does utilize all of the character’s powers couple times each, but I think that the story would have benefited from some literary weed-whacking.

The siblings are okay in terms of personality. They are close but have mild family tension because their parents are dead and Michael wants to leave the small island. Other than that, the Howard clan displays little emotion or defining characteristics. Also there is an implied potential romance between Melinda and William, which I found creepy rather than cute. I kept getting the impression that William saw Melinda as a daughter rather than as a partner or even a friend, so the thought of them banging made me feel uncomfortable.

The writing is okay as well. There are no blatant grammar or spelling mistakes although some words did have formatting issues. Some of the dialogue felt very unnatural like saying sis or bro in a sentence as well as constantly mentioning the name of the person a character is speaking to. I get that the author was probably trying to make sure the reader knows who is speaking to whom, but it made the character’s speech sound silly.

Ratings: This is a fantasy/sci-fi novel. It says it’s a romance but I didn’t see any couples being established or expanded upon. As such the ratings are:

Powers: 5/10

Explanation of powers: 5/10

Creativity: 6/10


Plot: 5/10

Overall I give Ghostly Guardian a 5/10. There was nothing awful or special about this book. The only word that comes to mind is okay.

Citation: Humphrey – D’aigle, Rachel (2013-12-09). Ghostly Guardian (Volume One) (Witches of The Demon Isle, a Paranormal Teen Romance / Fantasy Series) (Kindle Locations 819-822). . Kindle Edition.


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