Desired by the Pack

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This is the first novel(la) of a paranormal romance series by Emma Storm.

Plot: Beck and his pack of werewolves are on the prowl as paranormal law enforcement. He spots and old flame, January, and attempts to restart their relationship. Will her past as a former wolf get in the way?


“Impossible,” he murmured, staring at her hourglass silhouette. Impossible, but undeniable. Eight years hadn’t changed anything. She was still all hips, ass and breasts offsetting a narrow waist. Built for claiming. Female fashion was kinder to full-figured women than it had been years ago, and the jeans she wore hugged her body instead of trying to hide it. Beck’s fingers itched. He wanted to wrap them around her waist and pull her close the way he should have done back then.”

Spoilers/Opinion: When I picked this book, the description of “BBW Paranormal Romance” caught my eye. For those not in the know BBW stands for big, beautiful woman, so immediately we know the female love interest is going to be a plus sized woman. The author reminds the reader of this constantly, which is a bit much. I have no problem with having a BBW protagonist (if anything I like something a little different), I just want one chapter where I don’t have hear about how plump she is.

Probably the weirdest part of the book is that nothing really happens other than the romance/sex between the main characters. Romance novels, especially paranormal romance, have at least a little bit of plot. The only plot points are running away from some humans, banging, more banging, and Beck revealing that the first time they banged the condom broke so she’s probably pregnant. Even the powers are not really explained. For instance, the book glosses over the fact that there are vampires in this world. If you mention a paranormal element it must be explained or I am left wondering what it has to do with anything. I think the author was going for a novella rather than a full fledged novel, but even novellas have something happen. If the author wanted to create more of a teaser, she could have done more to create the world rather than just having some werewolves have sex.

Speaking of sex, Beck and January have sex within hours of being reunited. They barely even talk to each other and all of a sudden they’re banging in the front seat of car while another pack member watches. I wouldn’t mind the sex so soon if there was a bit more flirting or interaction, but the Beck and January don’t even seem to like each other. As for the sex itself, the scenes are good. I have a few gripes like the fact that Beck apparently has a monster dong that breaks condoms and January being completely submissive without any discussions beforehand. They are graphic so fans of more subtle interactions might want to look somewhere else, but overall I think they are the strongest part of the novella.

Ratings: This is a paranormal romance so the ratings are as follows:

Powers: 1/10

Explanation of Powers: 1/10

Romantic Development: 4/10

Creativity: 5/10

Plot: 1/10

Overall, I give Desired By the Pack a 2/10. The BBW element was overdone, the powers were pointless, and nothing actually happened. It’s a short read, but not worth the time.


Storm, Emma (2013). Desired By the Pack [Kindle Version]. Retrieved from Accessed 2/23/2017.


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