About This Blog


Now just so everyone knows, I love reading. Ever since I was 5 years old, if there was print I was reading it. But since I am attending college and have the budget to match, I had to look for a way to read books for fun and for cheap. This is where Kindle e-books come in; at any given time there are hundreds of free books in the popular Amazon store. Although there are several other outlets that have free content like public libraries and torrenting sites, my main focus will be on Kindle books because
1) They are easy to access and download
2) Most of the titles are relatively unknown so there are few if any reviews on them and
3) It’s legal to access them
This blog is dedicated to reading and reviewing free e-books, uncovering hidden literary gems, and discussing some straight up odd storytelling. Each book will receive a rating out of ten for criteria such as writing style, coherency, and plot. A passage from each book will be posted, so everyone can get an idea of what I am either praising or critiquing.

Please leave any comments for improvement or suggestions for Kindle e-books to help a sister out, and enjoy reading some reviews!


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